Interested in Magic Bullet?

The Energy Drink For Engines ®

Why Magic Bullet Advanced Fuel Treatment® ?

Magic Bullet is possibly the world’s best all round fuel treatment. Magic Bullet provides engines with increased performance, increased fuel efficiency, harmful emissions reduction and fuel stabilization in new or old vehicles.
Non Hazardous
Non Flammable
Non Toxic
Non Combustable
100% Hydro Carbon based

How to Use

Simply add 500ml bottle to 25 us gallons / 100 litters of fuel. Motorcycles use 350ml for 15 US gallons / 70 litres of fuel

Magic Bullet Product Line

Advance Fuel Treatments

Reduce emissions by up to 25%
Reduce greenhouse gasses by up to 25%
Gain up to 8% more MPG
Increase fuel efficiency by up to 8%
Winterize your diesel. Cold pour point -34oC
The Energy Drink For Engines ®