World’s Fastest Woman On A Street Circuit

Last weekend Magic Bullets professional racer Patricia Fernandez finally got the prize she wanted at the Ulster GP–the lap record for a woman racer.

The American, who has raced in MotoAmerica competition and in several series around the world, took her Magic Bullet Motorsports Yamaha YZF-R6 around the 7.4-mile Dundrod street circuit at an average speed of 118.264 mph in the second Supersport race on Saturday.


“I’ve never really had a dry race there before. It was raining Wednesday and Thursday. On my first race on Saturday, it started sprinkling on the grid. They changed it to a wet race. So we put rains on, (while we were) on the grid. One and a half laps in, it was dry. One lap later it was red-flagged,” Fernandez said.

“Frustration levels were pretty high by the time Race Two came, probably due to being held back for so long because I never got to do a dry race, never got to show my riding skills. I got to the grid for Race Two, and it started sprinkling again. And I was frustrated, to say the least. A lot of bad words coming out of my mouth. But they started the race and I decided I was just going to go for it. And it was six laps, all dry.”

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